Solid foundations are key to any structure!  So to the foundations we have for following Jesus.  This six-week series is designed to look at some of those key foundations or building blocks for knowing God and following Jesus.  In weeks 1-2 we will be looking at how God created the world and how brokenness then entered into it, fracturing creation and our relationships with one another and with God. We will also look at the hope that came in the form of Jesus and who exactly Jesus is?  In weeks 3-4 we will look at the life of a follower of Jesus and what this entails.  Weeks 5-6 will be spent discovering what it means to be the church, the people of God called into this family and empowered by the Spirit to carry out the mission of God in the world.  We hope you will be both challenged and encouraged in your walk with Jesus as you listen to these talks. 


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